Spare Tire Running

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Couch to 5K

You are ready to take the first step.  I am so proud of you.  Taking the first step is a huge accomplishment.  You may be like me a former runner that let life rule for too long.  We can get through this together.This is a free plan.

5K Faster Plan

Ready to take a step to be faster?  You have either completed the Couch to 5K plan or are active enough to take on a new challenge.  You can do it.  I will be there every step of the way.

This is a $15 plan. Custom Built for you.

5K to 10K Plan

Now we are talking.  You are ready to take your game to another level.  That is amazing.  This will test you and your endurance to the core.  It will be hard work, but we got this!

This is a $25 plan Custom Build for you.

When you look online, you see all these plans.  Not that they are bad, but they aren't for me.  Even the couch to 5K plans out there is made by fast people.  Spare Tire Plans are made for me, by someone that know what it is like to struggle just running for 5 minutes.  The no-pressure approach from Dan is amazing too. 

A One-Time Reluctant Runner turned into a Marathoner