Spare Tire Running

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Who am I? 

The first step is always the hardest.  That is true, but I also find to be even more true that trying to retake the first step is the hardest.    

Greetings.  I'm Dan from Spare Tire Running.  What started in 2013 as a group of friends sharing time running races has turned into a journey for myself and the others too.  Through our website (, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter I chronicle my story.  So where to begin?

My story begins many years ago as I joined the Cross Country Team as a freshman because I promised a friend I would do it if they did it.  Well, I was always an athlete and played multiple sports growing up.  Picture this as a freshman runner, I was a little over 5 feet tall and 98lbs.  Throughout my four years of high school, I ran to keep in shape for Wrestling.  I enjoyed Cross Country and Loved running the 2-Mile Relay, but my love was with Wrestling.  I went on to wrestle in college.  Running took a back seat.   Before I knew it, I was getting old, had 2 kids, and became fat.  I graduated High School at 125lbs.  Got Married at 180lbs.  At my heaviest I was 280lbs. Since started running in 2013 I have weighed anywhere between 225lbs and 280lbs.

Being a Big Runner is something that many don't understand and a few can change.  I want to be one of those who can change.   One thing I have realized is that I won't be able to change on my own.  I need you.  I need help. 

That is where you come in.  By being a Patreon Member (Even if it is $1 a month) you will help me, not just financially, but you will be saving my life.  You will help me push myself to do things I can't do on my own and live a long life for my 2 boys.

The money that is earned through your help will go back into the Spare Tire Mentality that Every Step Counts.  So Thank You for deciding to help me.  Thank you for giving me a chance to show the world anyone can change and that Every Step (no matter how hard) Counts.

My Bikes

Cannondale Trail 8 2021


This is the first bike I bought ever.  It is an entry level mountain bike that can handle the light trails I will be taking on but also the adventure on any and all streets.  

Miles Rode: 82.8

Magma Great Divide


This is the first bike I had as an adult and it was a hand-me-down from fellow Spare Tire member Ryan.  I put about $100 worth of work into it to get it riding again, although not perfect.  Since buying "Jet Black" this is my Training Bike set up with bluetooth cadences for Zwift.  It does need to be retired soon.  Not sure how many miles it had before I got it, but below mentiones how many miles I have rode it, on trails, street, and mostly Zwift. The Bike in the picture is not mine, it looks like mine though. 

Miles Rode:  1,339.8


Spare Tire Runner

Miles Race 2013: 34.2

Miles Race 2014: 56.7

Miles Race 2015: 83.4

Miles Race 2016: 134.5

Miles Race 2017: 145.9

Miles Race 2018: 76.4

Miles Race 2019: 43.7

Miles Race 2020: 0.0

Miles Race 2021: 25.0

Miles Race 2022: 13.1

Miles Race 2023: 0.0

Miles Race Total: 631.5

Half - Marathon - X4

25K - X1

Marathon - X2

50K - 

50 Mile - 

100K -

100 Mile-

DNF - X1

Personal Bests:

1 Mile - 7:56 (2018)

2 Mile - 17:57 (2018)

5K - 27:40 (2018)

4 Mile - 40:16 (2018)

8K - 54:48 (2015)

5 Mile - 1:04:13 (2018)

10K - 1:10:03 (2015)

10 Mile - 2:25:48 (2016)

Half-Marathon - 2:49:24 (2017)

25K - 4:30:32 (2019)

Marathon - 5:25:10 (2018)


Spare Tire Runner

Miles Run 2013: 34.2

Miles Run 2014: 27.9

Miles Run 2015: 33.3

Miles Run 2016: 21.7

Miles Run 2017: 12.4

Miles Run 2018: 4.1

Miles Run Total: 134.4

Personal Bests:

1 Mile - 13:29

5K - 34:19 


Spare Tire Runner

Miles Run 2013: 27.9

Miles Run 2014: 37.2

Miles Run 2015: 77.2

Miles Run 2016: 93.5

Miles Run 2017: 68.7

Miles Run 2018: 0.0

Miles Run 2019: 3.1

Miles Run Total: 302.4

Personal Bests:

1 Mile - 8:08

5K - 24:27

8K - 47:17

10K - 55:59

10 Mile - 2:14:43